The Sims Social Hack v1.55 was born after receiving lots of e-mails from you guys! The day has come to release this free hack tool for this Facebook social game! This hack tool can easily generate any amounts of SimCash and Simoleons for your account in a matter of minutes! And it’s totally free to use! Great.

The Sims Social Hack

Go and create your own Sim and live out their dreams with one of the most played games on Facebook! Solve the trouble in the city with your personality traits and develop relationships or just date somebody. Or course, similar to real life, you can also choose to cheat on somebody. Don’t forget to get your dream job and build your perfect house. There is so much to do in this social game. The sad part is that you will need lots of in-game currency if you want to enjoy this game at a high level. Guys! Take our advice and live your virtual life as you should! Use The Sims Social Hack Tool and get infinite SimCash and Simoleons for free! how awesome is that? Don’t waste more time and get it now! It’s free!

How can you use The Sims Social Hack v1.55?

Simple! Download the hack archive by clicking on a download servers provided below and unzip this archive to your PC. Now run The Sims Social Hack v1.55.exe file. The hack tool should appear on your screen like in the preview image above. Are you ready to get more Simcash and Simoleons?

Good. Now make sure you are logged into your Facebook account when you use this hack tool, because there is no need to manually enter your username or e-mail. Simply input the desired amounts of currency and click on the Hack button from the right. The hack process just started. After it ends, feel free to check your amounts of Simcash and Simoleons! Great right? The Sims Social Hack works! Now share this with your friends!

Note that the safety of your account should not be a concern. Why? Because The Sims Social Hack includes some additional safety features that will keep you protected during the whole cheating process. And the brilliant Auto-Update module will make sure the cheat engine gets updated everytime you use the hack tool. Cool!

Don’t waste more time! Click on a download button provided below and use The Sims Social Hack for free! Then go live your dream life as your should!

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        If you still cannot use The Sims Social Hack, choose to contact us through the contact page and we will solve your problem in a short time. Thank you!

The Sims Social Hack v1.55 is a free hack tool that's able to generate infinite SimCash and Simoleons for your Facebook account. Free to use! No survey!
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Manufacturer: Free-Hack-Tool.Com
Model: The Sims Social Hack v1.55
Product ID: TSSH 1.55

The Sims Social Hack