MicroVolts Hack v2.55 is a brand new hack tool for all you PC game shooter fans! If you got on this page, it means you were looking for a smart way to get more Rock Tokens for your MicroVolts account, right? You found it! This free hack tool is able to generate infinite amounts of currency in a matter of minutes! How cool is that? Free to use!

MicroVolts Hack

MicroVolts is a great multiplayer TPS cartoon-styled video game with an action set in strange real world where toys came to life. The toys are in a cold war for valuable battery resources. Your mission is to fight for supremacy in the so called micro-world. You are also able to purchase the in-game currency – called Rock Tokens – in order to purchase exclusive items for character customization. But what happens when you run out of currency? The game gets boring right? Well, why don’t you use our MicroVolts Hack? This program is able to generate unlimited Rock Tokens for your account! For free!

How can MicroVolts Hack v2.55 be used?

Simple! All you need to do in order to fully enjoy this hack tool is get the hack files archive by clicking on a download server provided below. Extract this archive to your PC or laptop and open MicroVolts Hack v2.55.exe file. Good. The hack tool will appear on your screen like in the preview picture shown above. Are you ready for more and more Rock Tokens?

Better be ready, this is not a joke! Enter your username or e-mail in the field and simply input your desired amounts of Rock Tokens. Now click on the Hack button on the right. Wait for about 2-3 minutes then feel free to login and verify your in-game currency. Cool! MicroVolts Hack is totally working! Now share this free hack with your friends!

Do you worry about safety when you use MicroVolts Hack ? No reason to! MicroVolts Hack includes unique safety features that will keep your account protected during the whole cheating process. And the internal Auto-Update module will make sure the cheat engine gets updated with the latest working cheat codes for Rock Tokens, everytime you will use the program. Outstanding!

Fight for battery resources in a smarter way! Click on a download server below and get MicroVolts Hack now! Then generate infinite Rock Tokens for free!

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MicroVolts Hack v2.55 is a free hack tool, able to generate unlimited amounts of Rock Tokens for your account. Both free and safe to use! No survey!
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MicroVolts Hack